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Rita asked for financial help last month.  I worked with Rita's request Saturday night and the next day. 
This is her answer from the universe.

Hi Suzy,

I have a eucalyptus tree and I sold Eucalyptus to a large specialty store in the area. I delivered it and gave them an invoice. They paid me (something like $25). I tried calling them several more times and couldn't get the person who places the orders.

Today I got a check in the mail from that company....

You are awesome!!!!!
Love, Rita

Hi Suzy,

I feel good. I felt very sleepy and relaxed yesterday when you worked on me. I feel more connected to my spirit today which is something that had been lacking with all the stress of moving. My dogs laid on my tummy while you were working on me:)

Thanks for all the healing, it has been such a blessing during this crazy time of my life.

Best Wishes,   

Hi Suzy,

I do recommend you, as you are truly caring, and I believe you have many healing capabilities.  You went beyond the 1st session I booked and called and gave Sierra an extra healing.  You also helped remind me how to stay calm and positive.  I think you are truly a great healer and I wish you the best in your business. 

I just wanted to add more. You were so helpful and kind to me in a time of great stress and dealing with many challenges in my life.  I so appreciate you and all you have to offer.

With love,          

Hi Suzy,

My right arm is MUCH BETTER than it was yesterday, which is a kind of a miracle actually.  I did ice it as you suggested but I think whatever you did must have REALLY helped since this particular injury usually takes a LONG TIME to heal.  I can move my arm again!
Thank you!



The Little Squirrel hit by a car and left on the road...

From Angela (Puma & Chloe's Mom),

Thanks for reading my email Suzy. I stayed in my car and prayed that he either heal right there (he was 1/2 paralyzed & dragged himself into the grass) or if he was going to be in horrible pain & suffer until he die , then that he goes straight to heaven & not suffer.

I'm really curious- what would you have done? The worst thing for me is to see an animal suffering. I always try to save them (he was in the opposite lanes and just laying there bc it just happened, so I turned & parked my car perpendicular so that no one else would run him over again) and then after about 10 seconds he got up & dragged himself across the lanes & into the grass to a tree)....,
But it doesn't ever seem to work. :( this is not the first time I've seen a hit animal still alive & suffering. :(
Any insight would b much appreciated.

Thank you so much Suzy. You are always with me at my worst times (when puma was so sick & now poor little squirrel) and u always help me through! I can't thank u enough.

Your advice to envision the squirrel in silver white light, and have pure love in my heart (no sadness) is GREATLY appreciated. I will do this anytime i see an animal in pain. Once he was by the tree, his friend came down the tree over & over to be next to him, so that was comforting to know he knew he was out if the road and his friend was there with him. I just closed my eyes for a minute & imagined loving healing white light all around him and prayed that the best thing for him would happen. And then when I opened my eyes, he had passed away. I got out of my car and went over to him & his head was down and he wasn't breathing anymore. I hope he didn't suffer. I tried twice to send u a pic of him when he was laying down & still breathing but I don't think it sent.

Thank u for being here for me thru this.
Love u!
Lots of love & appreciation,

Little 'Tom' 

Tom's mother came to me on the suggestion of my neighbor while working our horses.  Tom was 8 years old at the time of our meeting and after I met Tom, I felt he was very mature for the young age of 8 years.  Tom was very close with his grandfather and after Tom's grandfather died, Tom became withdrawn and stopped talking.  It is safe to say, Tom's world stopped when his grandfather died.  He was taken to many medical doctors and psychiatrists to try and bring him out of his depression.  I remember my first session with young Tom and his resistant to any kind of help.  It took three days of healing for Tom to realize the world had not stopped but could go on.  Tom was a strong little boy and due to his strength he was able to lift himself out of his depression and begin to be a little boy again.  Tom has joined the world again and he knows how to trust and love again.  What an accomplishment for such a sensitive little boy.


Hi Suzy,

I've been feeling so uninspired for so long.  After our session throughout the day, all I did was 'sing'.  LaLaLa all over the house, I feel so alive now!  You lifted my spirits and I am able to paint again.

Thank you!

Love, Christina from Rumania

Hi Suzy,

I have been in such pain for so long... my surgery was a horrific experience.   I don't know what you did, but I actually felt relaxed and I knew I was healing.  I am so grateful to have been touched by you, you're an angel.  God has blessed you and holds you in the palm of his hand. 

Love, Sheila in NJ


Thank you Suzy, for working with us.  We ALL felt good Sunday a.m.  My son and my husband both slept well, and did not wake up tired or drained.

Thank you so much,

Beth in MA

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