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My name is Suzy Harman and I am here to help you and your pet; Heal 


Who Am I?

I AM a humble Healer

I am a facilitator, a conduit from Source.

  I will create a healing environment in which a shift will
take place allowing change and healing to occur

How do I work
I work free from judgement and with clear intentions.  I will ask for your request for the condition(s) you would like to have addressed.  I will attend to any condition(s); internally or externally; any age, infant to elder, small animal to large; wild or domestic.  Conditions such as of the heart, cancer, gull bladder, intestinal disharmony, depression, an energetic boost, emotions, confidence, strength, communication, balance, financial abundance.  

What should I expect:  Healing is uniquely individual to you and your pet.  Change my occur immediately or may take longer to feel or notice depending on the condition or circumstances.

Where:  I prefer you or your pet to be resting in the comfort of your own home.  Please focus on you're breathing and free from a cluttered mind.

Frequency:  The frequency of days are determined by the individual and/or the severity of the condition(s) you or your pet are experiencing.  A three day healing commitment is most common and highly recommended.

Contribution:  I work on a per day bases.  I request the contribution of $125.00 each day of indicated healing to be paid prior to our agreed upon day.   A 3 - day Healing is highly recommended for you or your pet @ $300.00.  Please see the PayPal buttons below.

Kindly Know:  Healing is a process, could be spontaneous, could take longer.  I will provide a healing environment; it is up to you and/or your pet to want to heal. 

If you wish to email me with questions you may have, please contact me at

You owe it to yourself and your animal companion to take the first step and ask for
'Help' and 'Healing'

We all deserve to be happy, healthy and surrounded with abundance


One Day Healing:  125.00

3 Day Healing:  $300.00

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