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Photos & Testimonials

(White based Hawaiian desert)

Condition:  Right eye cataract.
Results after first day of Healing:  Thank you very much.  I was with Hauipia when you began working.  She started taking her right paw and brushing her right eye.  She did it several times.  This was the one with the cataracts where he is also blind.  I brought her in and she rested on his perch while you continued her healing.  I am sure it helped and her eyes appear bright and healthy.  Thank you for all that you do.






Tashi Before

Tashi After
Jack Russel Terrier
Condition:  Scared and sad and sleeping by herself in the basement.
Results after first day of Healing:  Wow, thank you!  In the middle of the night Chloe came upstairs to her bed next to my bed and then this morning she jumped into my bed to snuggle with me like she use to.  I was soooo happy to see her being her silly happy snugly self!  We love you, Suzy!
Condition:  Thickened and sensitive skin on back of neck, painful to the touch.
Results after first day of Healing:  Now the skin is much thinner and less painful.  She is happy, healthy and is still my 'snuggle bug'.  Thank you again, Suzy!!!

Jack Russel Terrier
(Chloe's housemate)
Condition:  Sore that won't heal on his back left leg and he is limping.  He's going deaf.
Results after first day of Healing:  Wow, thank you!  I didn't know you were going to do this last night, so this morning Puma wasn't limping at all!  He was full of energy because he pushed aside the box I had blocking the stairs and bolted up, no limp at all.
Hearing:  This morning I said to him, 'Want to go to Laura's?' (his babysitter) in a really loud happy voice and he responded for the first time!  Thank you, Thank you, Suzy!

San Francisco, CA
Condition:  Listless and not eating.
Results after first day of Healing:  Yesterday morning when I was out with Tashi, I had this sense in my body that someone had sent her some healing energy (several of my friends are sending her energy but this felt like something else) -- and then when I came home I got your email saying that you had started working with Tashi when you first got her picture.  My Vet. had no answers and we thought she was going to die.  Now she's doing better!!!!  I am very happy!!!!  Thank you!!!  She is up and running and doing great!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I just love that you are on call.  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!  TASHI is FANTASTIC!!!



  Lethargic and unhappy.
Results after first day of Healing:  Happy and Healthy and filled with joy!  Thank you, Suzy!

Golden Lab

Condition:  Aggression, Lyme disease.
Results after first day of Healing:  Sierra is so calm on our walks & I am too!  I no longer worry about her aggression toward the other dogs!  Sierra is free from Lyme's disease.

Young White Persian Cat
Sausalito, California

Two days after my 6-month old cat, Sefid, was neutered, I had to leave my house for a 4-day trip. When I returned home, I found Sefid with a lot of hair balls all over his body. In addition, he stopped using the litter box for his bowel movement. I took him back to the veterinarian who helped and showed me how to cut off the hair balls. It took me three days to finally have Sefid well groomed again. However, Sefid continued to leave his bowel at the front door and sometimes on the bathroom floor. He stopped showing affection and purposely turned his face away from me when I tried to communicate with him. It went on for over two weeks. I was in tremendous distress when I saw Suzy Harman, and I told her about my problems with Sefid.

Suzy listened patiently. She asked me to write Sefid's name on a piece of paper, and she said that she would use her spiritual energy to communicate with Sefid that night. In the early morning hours, I was awakened by Sefid's gentle paws. He was interacting with me again like he used to, with gentle affection. I was amazed and delighted with Sefid's sudden change of behavior. I kept the bathroom doors closed and blocked him off the way to the front door. Since then, Sefid has been using his litter box properly and we get along much better. He doesn't seem to be angry with me anymore. I am very thankful to Suzy for her kindness, her prayers, and her efforts in helping me restore my relationship with Sefid.

                                                           N. CA

Lobo is my dog and now in the later years of his life. Lobo is currently at a specialty surgical vet overnight for tests and we have to decide tomorrow morning if we should do surgery. Here's where I stand on the subject. My vet, who is an herbalist/acupuncturist as well as a certified vet, says that if it were her dog, she'd probably not operate. Prior to the recent bladder stones issue we would have never considered euthanasia even though he does have back problems, head tilt, etc.-- because I believe he still has quality of life. He isn't running marathons, walks unbalanced with what we think are neurological issues, etc. He still plays, loves his treats and follows us around the house for his pets. The opposite argument that plays in my head and others tell me, "He's 16, why put him through any of this?"

So I guess what I want to know is am I misinterpreting his current quality of life? Is he stoically withstanding lots of pain? If he's in misery, is he "done" and ready to move on? Or, can he manage this surgery--does he feel well enough, is he willing to go through it to have some more time here on this earth with us? If he can take it, I know I can and will care for him as best as I can, but is there anything else I can be doing for him. I appreciate anything you can do to help us out, though I know my timing here is a bit late.

I gave Suzy my # and she called. Suzy assured me that Lobo is not ready to call it quits and she would come through the surgery to be with me again. She also spoke about Lobo's time left. Suzy said that it is Lobo's decision about calling it quits and that I've done my best for him while being in my care.

Well, Lobo had his surgery and he is at home with me now. Through Suzy's intuitive communication and healing power, Lobo's stones did not have to be removed surgically; they were able to simply 'flush' them out.

I first want to thank you, Suzy, for helping guide me and for your work with Lobo. When one is in the minority about their feelings on euthanasia and when people you respect around you do not agree, it can be very hard to make these type of decisions . It's easy to feel pressured and to succumb to the reiterating CYA voices of "we can't guarantee, since he's so old," etc. So, thank you for your validation and concern.

Dr. Craig Innes, DVM 
Mill Valley, California

I have a seventeen-year-old cat named Tiger that is deaf and exhibiting some senile changes. Tiger has several episodes each day and night of very loud, uninhibited yowling. Distractions and petting would soothe the episode, but at night resulted in my losing sleep. Suzy Harman through her healing work, has made Tiger feel calm and relaxed at night.  Tiger's volume has gone down to a very tolerable level. 

Fairfax, California

I happened to pick up one of Suzy's cards at our local pet store. I thought, what an interesting business. Being very skeptical, I wondered about it as well. So here's my story; one of my cats loves to climb our tree. She sits and seems to be watching the world go by. Well, when she sits up in our tree, while watching the world go by, she aggravates the neighbors' dogs, who bark and bark and bark. I've noticed lately that they have been barking even when my cat is not in the tree! I remembered the card that I picked up and gave Suzy a call. I explained the situation to her and wondered if she could help. As I was on the phone with her, she said the process has already begun. Suzy asked me to call her the next day and let her know how things are going. All I can say is "quiet" - no barking. Everyone in my family is now much calmer, too! Thank you, Suzy, for giving us our peace and quiet back.

Novato, California

Suzy has helped me greatly with a problem my elderly kitty has. My 16 year old cat had been howling at night for many months. Suzy communicated with my cat and identified the problem. By applying her energy work, Suzy was able to correct the problem in a gentle and non invasive way. I had never given Suzy much detail about the problem but she was able to not only identify the underlying causes but also eliminate the problem by communicating with my cat.

I think Suzy is very gifted, caring and compassionate. I would recommend her energy work to anyone who is interested in treating their pet companion’s problem in a non invasive and gentle way.

Merriam & Hime
San Anselmo, California

Suzy's visit to her local pet store:

I visited my local pet shop in San Anselmo, just because I enjoy seeing all the animals and needed some supplies for my own animals. On this particular occasion I noticed two small birds, Merriam and Hime, in a nice spacious cage next to the check out counter. One did not look well or happy at all. I, not wanting to intrude on others or their property, pets, simply noticed the birds not doing well. I made my purchase and left the store.

I was very concerned and upset about how badly the one little bird looked. I returned the next day and discretely asked some questions about the two birds.

So, as the story goes, due to some structural problems to the little birds original home, they were brought to the store for safety's sake and with all the movement and environmental changes of bringing the little birds to the store, the stress was too great on them. The canary, Merriam, in particular (the female) was affected the most.

The little canary was tattered and worn, had lost her feathers and simply looked frazzled. This was a Friday. I asked if I could help the little bird and it was agreed that I would help her over the weekend. (I have to confess, I¹d been helping all along; it's just my nature to want to help whenever possible.) It was mentioned to me that these birds were born in 1987 and had been with the same owners since baby-bird-hood. I was amazed. Wow, so old and yet to look so young.

That night and throughout the weekend, I sent wonderful, soothing, healing energy to Hime and especially to Merriam.

I went back on Monday and, to everyone's amazement, "Little Merriam" was up and jumping from perch to perch in her cage as happy as I've ever seen a little bird. I was truly amazed, myself, and so happy to see her so active.

It has been about one month since my initial introduction to the little canaries. Hime is singing so strongly and so thankfully. Oh, he puffs up so when he sings! Little Merriam has gotten her feathers back and the colors are so beautiful...bright yellow and orange. Reminds me of a lemon and an orange and of the bittersweet chapter of her life. Now she is on to a new chapter, back to health and she remembers how much she is loved by her owners.

A special "thank you" to Merriam and Hime, for graciously accepting my Healing gifts.

Gracefully, Suzy Harman

Jossephi and Mike
 Mill Valley, CA

A pet sitter came to me with a concern for a cat named Jossephi. Jossephi is a brown tabby cat, about 17 years old. Jossephi became very ill. He lost weight and would not eat. As the pet sitter relayed to me, Jossephi just laid there with a 'glazed stare'. That, I knew was not good. This time, I did want to see the pet, which is unusual for me. I felt that Jossephi was is a very desperate state of mind and especially needed to feel my hands on him in order to help him out of of his state of malaise

Before I went to visit Jossephi, I communicated with him to let him know I was coming. He was just as I was told he would be with one exception: his buddy, (companion cat) Aida was lying at his side. Their caregiver, Mike, said that was a first. They never laid together.

I quickly went to his side and placed my hands on his face and body. I looked into his eyes and said "Yes, he is ok, he is in there. Yes, Jossephi, you will be just fine."

I returned home and worked with Jossephi that night. I was notified the next day that Jossephi was up and around and started eating again.

Thank you, to the pet sitter for your love and concern, Jossephi, Aida and Mike.

Gracefully, Suzy Harman

Shelly Kappel and Little Natalie
Santa Rosa, CA

When I looked inside the trap I was elated, I caught a cute little black kitty.  Then I noticed the horror.  This kitty had a deep cut from one end of her body to the next.

I am a volunteer at Forgotten Felines and am currently maintaining a colony in my neighborhood, which means I trap the feral cats take them to be neutered and spayed then I release them back out where I caught them and provide them with food and water.

Forgotten Felines is an organization that deals with feral (untamed) cats. Some of these cats have had no human contact and cannot be domesticated so they are released back out into their colony. The cats that are tame are put through our adoption program.

I rushed Little Natalie to the veterinarian. The doctor could not believe she was alive, as the open wound had been there awhile and her flesh was rotting. After surgery I took Little Natalie home with me to recuperate.  Because this cat was semi-wild it was a challenge to change her bedding, food and litter in her cage. She was frightened and would strike out;

however, each day that passed I became more and more attached to her and vowed I would try to get her in the adoption program.

After months of trying with little success, Suzy Harman entered my life and she explained her treatment. Initially, I thought it sounded like voodoo but thought, I am willing to try anything. Suzy started communicating with Little Natalie and after about

a week, there was a significant difference in Little Natalie. She stopped biting, scratching and attacking me and now enjoyed our sessions of petting, purring and brushing. The day she let me hold her was a she purred, I cried.  I
thought, now she is ready for adoption.

Little Natalie will go to the shelter vet next week for a check up and then a date will be set to take her to the shelter. Wish us luck in finding a home that she deserves. Thanks to Suzy

We are all here on this physical plane on a journey, a path... We are all here to work together with love, joy and enthusiasm

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